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Drinking boba

About us 

At MÖGE TEE, our journey from a humble beginning to a 500+ stores global phenomenon has been magical. As we extend our heartwarming tea experience to Europe, we look forward to sharing special tea moments with each and every one of you.


Come, raise your cups, and be a part of our ever-growing tea-loving community in Nijmegen, Eindhoven, and Maastricht!

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We specialize in cheese topped, fruit and milk tea and bubble tea. Each cup of tea is made with care and no detail is overlooked. We have an unending desire to discover, create and share our tea knowledge. ​

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MÖGE TEE is committed to delivering the finest Tea in the world, using only natural and fresh ingredients to deliver new and fashionable drinks that are extremely rich in flavor for our customers!


Every cup we brew is a chance to make tea more enjoyable, more accessible and more experimental. Everything we do and believe in has to do with our love and passion to provide, the highest quality tea and sharing this love to everyone who feels the same way.


Find inspiration in your cup of tea

Tea leaves

Natural Tea

 We use authentic high-quality pure tea leaves. Sourced and carefully selected from Taiwan. Harvest with care and handpicked by professionals for our tea menu.

Matcha milk tea with tapioca

Tapioca bubbles 

Experience the joy of soft tapioca pearls that gently melt in your mouth, providing a smooth and comforting sensation with each chew. Each pearl is cooked to perfection, delivering a tender and delightful experience.

Cheese Teas

Smooth Cheese

Sweet cream cheese with a lightly salted aftertaste giving your tea a delightful twist. With every sip, you'll discover the rich, velvety texture of our homemade cream cheese.

Bubble tea flavors

Popping boba

Ready for a blast? Add a burst of flavor and joy to your tea with our playful and vibrant popping boba. It's a delightful sensation that enhances your tea experience.

Fresh fruits

Fresh Fruits

Experience the allure of freshly picked fruits as they intertwine harmoniously with the rich notes of our premium teas.

moge tee team

Best service

Experience the best service that leaves you with unforgettable memories.  Join us at our store in Maastricht, Eindhoven, and Nijmegen, and let us serve you an exceptional tea experience that goes beyond your expectations. Our specialized staff is here to answer all your burning questions about out drinks!

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